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Accredited High School Diploma Program for Your Learners

With over 30,000 graduates annually, Penn Foster is one of the largest, privately licensed high schools in the United States. Delivered in an online or blended-learning setting, Penn Foster High School is both regionally and nationally accredited. As the trusted solution for employers, educators, and human service organizations, we provide opportunities and pathways for compulsory age students and adult learners to earn their high school diploma.

Our high school solutions — from our robust, full curriculum to individual credit recovery and career-focused courses — are designed to meet the unique needs of your organization and learners.

Self Paced
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This program includes: 

  • A robust curriculum that covers standard subjects like English, math, history, and science while helping learners build strong communication and writing skills.
  • Career-focused and academically challenging electives so learners can choose the best path for their career or educational needs.
  • A flexible, mobile-friendly platform that allows learners to study on-the-go and around their work schedule.
  • Includes wraparound learner support and access to instructors and coaches, ensuring your learners or employees successfully progress through their diploma.

High School Curriculum

  • 16 core credits
  • 5 elective credits
  • Career pathway options
  • Flexible exams and assignments

Penn Foster’s accredited High School Diploma Program curriculum is designed to help learners further their education and serve as the foundation for career pathways in the future. Our flexible, online courses align with state and national high school standards, ensuring your learners develop the essential skills they need for personal and professional success. The course curriculum covers:

  • 9th -12th grade English, math, science, and history
  • 19+ vocational, academic, and general education electives
  • Written communication and reading skills
  • Interpersonal skills

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Working with hundreds of leading organizations including employers, high schools, nonprofit organizations, and more, Penn Foster High School proudly sees more than 30,000 graduates annually.

Penn Foster currently works with hundreds of leading employers to meet their unique organizational needs.
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Our Proven High School Learning Model

High-quality, online education for your learners

Online Delivery

  • Digital platform allows for studying any time, any where  
  • Content is available via computer, mobile device, or tablet  
  • 24/7 access to online resource library and knowledge base   

Engaging Content

  • Programs include simulations, videos, and virtual demos   
  • Varied learning methods help cement application of concepts 
  • Real-time feedback enables efficient mastery of material 

Robust Support

  • Self-service tools and unlimited multi-channel support 
  • Live and recorded webinars hosted by our faculty 
  • Access to peer-to-peer community of learners  

Real World Credentials

  • Training programs focus on today’s in-demand job skills  
  • Content developed by professional leaders in the field  
  • Courses align to industry certifications and accreditation 

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