Facilities Maintenance Technician

Online Facilities Maintenance Apprenticeship Program

Designed with job-readiness in mind, Penn Foster’s Facilities Maintenance Technician Apprenticeship Training is geared toward training both entry level and experienced workers to perform multi-craft tasks within a typical industrial plant or service location. After initial courseware covering pre-technical foundation skills in industrial math, measurements, and safety, workers will learn essential skills such as blueprint reading, building trade crafts, troubleshooting, mechanical maintenance, electrical and electrical motor maintenance, and welding equipment and techniques.

  • Penn Foster's online apprenticeship programs can be configured to meet the unique needs of your organization as well as regional or state licensure requirements. 
  • Supplemental courseware available in basic electronics, steam boiler and generator maintenance, and refrigeration and air conditioning skills if your employees require specific training to work at your plant.
Maintenance Technician takes notes from a machine.

What Your Learners Will Study

  1. Reading and interpreting the standard prints, drawings, and schematics used in the building, electrical, electronic, mechanical, and metalworking trades.
  2. Preventive maintenance and equipment downtime situations and procedures.
  3. Concepts of welding fundamentals, gas and arc welding practices, and the proper use of equipment.
  4. Install and test electrical wires, circuits, and equipment using the correct tools, materials, and procedures for safe operation.

Facilities Maintenance Apprenticeship Curriculum

Estimated Base Curriculum Duration: 865 hours

Prepare new and incumbent employees for success with Penn Foster’s comprehensive Facilities Maintenance Technician Apprenticeship Program curriculum. Courses cover the essential skills workers need to be an asset to your plant or facility. Online courses include:

  • Quality Concepts: Tools and Applications
  • Reading Prints and Schematics
  • Mechanical Maintenance
  • Preventative Maintenance Techniques

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Our Proven Apprenticeship Model

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Online Platform

  • Digital platform allows for studying any time, anywhere  
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  • Technical skills studied online are consistent for each employee 
  • Pre-apprenticeships available to build your talent pipelines 

Configurable Training

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  • Can align apprenticeships to state licensing, DOL or SAA requirements
  • Thousands of modular courses that train for in-demand occupations

Real World Credentials

  • Programs include interactive simulations, videos, and demos
  • Varied learning techniques help cement application of concepts
  • Engaging technology promotes skill retention for on-the-job recall

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