Online Machinist Apprenticeship Program

Penn Foster's Machinist Apprenticeship Program is specifically designed to meet leading industry standards and ensure your workers have a complete understanding of the machine shop. By learning about safety, metalworking, and tool handling, trainees will learn the foundational and advanced skills they need to be effective machinists for your organization.

  • Penn Foster's online apprenticeship programs can be configured to meet the unique needs of your organization as well as regional or state licensure requirements. 
  • Includes wraparound learner support and access to instructors and coaches, ensuring your workers successfully progress through the training and excel on-the-job.
Machinist repairing a manufacturing machine.

What Your Learners Will Study

  1. Processing ferrous and nonferrous metals.
  2. Understanding conversational programming (CNC).
  3. Safety procedures and established regulations related to workplace and job requirements.
  4. The basics of drafting with AutoCAD in relation to metalworking.

Machinist Apprenticeship Curriculum 

Estimated Base Curriculum Duration: 888 hours

Penn Foster’s Machinist Apprenticeship Training curriculum covers the essential skills your employees need to become qualified machinists. Online courses include:  

  • Trades safety
  • Machining, metal working, and CNC 
  • Milling machine fundamentals
  • Fundamentals of metal cutting

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How it works

Our Proven Apprenticeship Model

High-quality, online skills training for your employees

Online Platform

  • Digital learning platform allows for learning flexibility
  • Online content is available via computer, mobile device, or tablet
  • 24/7 access to online resource library and robust knowledge base

Scalable Delivery

  • Provide training for 1-1000+ workers across several locations   
  • Technical skills studied online are consistent for each employee 
  • Pre-apprenticeships available to build your talent pipelines 

Configurable Training

  • Expert training consultants can tailor programs to meet your needs
  • Can align apprenticeships to state licensing, DOL or SAA requirements
  • Thousands of modular courses that train for in-demand occupations

Innovative Learning Experience

  • Programs include interactive simulations, videos, and demos  
  • Varied learning techniques help cement application of concepts  
  • Engaging technology promotes skill retention for on-the-job recall 

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