Penn Foster Learning Model

At Penn Foster, we offer a full suite of support channels and resources to ensure that every learner has what they need to succeed. Delivered on our online platform, our programs take an innovative approach to the Learn-Practice-Apply instruction model to help cement learners’ application of concepts and improve skill recall. This model provides learners with the opportunity to practice and apply the skills they learn, which helps improve mastery and ensures they’re ready to succeed on the job. The Penn Foster experience is designed to set working learners up on a pathway to new skills and career advancement.
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The Learning Experience

Designed with the working learner in mind, our modern learning experience with mobile and on-the-go access limits technology obstacles and time-off required from work. Furthermore, course content is delivered with wraparound motivational and academic support to ensure your learners master concepts and retain skills for future education and on-the-job success.

Online Delivery

  • Modern platform allows for studying any time, anywhere
  • Content is available via computer, mobile device, or tablet
  • 24/7 access to online resource library and knowledge base

Engaging Content

  • Programs include simulations, videos, and virtual labs
  • Varied learning methods help cement application of concepts
  • Real-time feedback enables efficient mastery of material

Wraparound Support

  • Multi-channel proactive support from our dedicated team
  • 1:1 coaching and faculty-hosted webinars
  • Access to peer-to-peer community of learners

Real World Credentials

  • Training programs focus on today’s in-demand job skills
  • Content developed by leaders in the field
  • Courses align to industry certifications and accreditation
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Our Digital Learning Platform

Our online, mobile-friendly learning platform delivers dynamic course content with animations, live-action demonstrations, and videos to keep learners motivated and engaged with their program from start to finish. With interactive learning aids, fresh content, and our proven Learn-Practice-Apply learning model, you can be sure your team is getting the most comprehensive training in today’s top industries.

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